IT Consulting & Staff Augmentation


Softions Consulting Inc. offers the full range of IT services, from strategic IT consulting to systems integration to outsourcing. During these times of economic uncertainty, our outsourcing option can help you reduce costs while freeing up your employees to focus on business retention and acquisition.

Softions is committed to providing services that our customers need - think it's never been done? Call us to get it done. Softions Consulting is flexible enough to do the work on-site, in custom labs near the client location or off-site. We will work with you to help determine the most effective solution for your needs.

Softions Consulting employs dedicated professionals and partners that provide superior services… from Project Management and Business Analysis to the Unique Resources required for short and long term Staff Augmentation. Our professionals work as individuals, leaders, or as team members of cross-functional groups in the complete life cycle of the development, including project management. They also provide training to users and work with other technical groups to co-ordinate environment changes and cross-application testing.

Why Staff Augmentation?

Just say Softions go above and beyond to provide you with the right people. Whether you require a fully managed project team for your global project, or just a help desk consultant for day-to-day operations, we ensure our professionals have the necessary technical as well as soft skills to not only perform their duties, but also to mesh with your IT culture.

Our areas of specialization and service offering can be broadly categorized as follows:

Efficient use of resources to free-up subject matter experts for strategic initiatives

Reduction in application development costs

Continuous improvement in quality and time-to-market

Tighter control of IT maintenance and support operations

Significant cost reduction in training and lost time

Customers can obtain a business edge by using Softions consultants. While your staff applies leading-edge technologies, we can manage the legacy work; or our technology/business experts can adapt the new and unique technologies to your business processes, and train your staff on how to use them proficiently.