Choosing the right technology partner can be difficult. You need someone who understands your business and the unique challenges in your specific industry. That’s why Softions has specialized expertise — not only deep with technology, but also across several verticals. This extensive knowledge and experience allow us to deliver the most practical and insightful solutions to help you best meet your objectives.

Our focus has centered on Banking and Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment Companies as well as Manufacturing & Distribution Organizations. These industries have portfolios, loan/credit management needs or supply chain issues that have been solved by our team members using Hi-Tech IT solutions. Softions understanding of how these industries work as well as our integration experience makes us a powerful partner.

Banking & Financial Services


The entire international financial community has evolved into a technology-driven business. In order for financial comapnies to compete in today’s marketplace, they must have strong systems, current technology and experienced talent to meet the demands of an ever-expanding requirements.

Our experience spans back-office requirements, such as loan accounting, retail banking, loan syndication, profitability, market and credit risk management & treasury to middle & front office system including high volume trading systems.

Softions has broad spectrum of serving clients in financial services industry. We have project implementation skills, expertise and experience in implementing high quality solutions. We leverage the benefits of proven products and methodologies for our customers in the finance industry with special focus on customization as per client requirements and specifications. This combination of core technology and partnerships helps in successful deployment of customer-driven solutions throughout an organization.

HealthCare and BioTech


With almost every aspect of the healthcare industry under the country’s microscope, providers and payers are under intense scrutiny to reduce waste, eliminate errors and provide affordable, effective care. In order to do this, current supply chains and processes must be updated for patient care, insurance coverage and claims reimbursement.

Softions Consulting provides the framework, services and processes to help increase the IT maturity level at healthcare institutions, enabling them to continually grow the value of their IT operations. Through proactive management, service alignment and partnering, we provide security, reliability and availability while boosting the ability of healthcare institutions to adopt technologies and practices that add value to their IT operations.

Softions have worked with many healthcare systems on different issues. Combining our business and IT expertise with our deep knowledge of healthcare, we help clients streamline business processes, stay on top of compliance, and access data faster, all without the expense of investing in entirely new systems.

Manufacturing & Distribution


The competitive global marketplace and demand for high quality products has changed the nature of the manufacturing & distribution industry in the past decade. Manufacturing professionals are under constant pressure to deliver innovative products, respond quickly to customer demands and eliminate costs. Rapid growth, heightened competition and mergers and acquisitions, have resulted in both challenges and opportunities for the manufacturing and distribution industry, which range from Shorter Product Life Cycles, Mass customization to availability of diverse alternatives.

For solving all these issues effective Supply Chain Management is absolutely critical to any manufacturer or distributor. We construct solutions which integrate the various components of the production cycle like cross docking and scheduling, for example. It's rare to find a single team with the technical capabilities and the experience to build the high quality IT Solutions for both Manufacturing & Distribution and Softions Consulting has both, the capabilities and experience to do the job and do the job right.

For many years, Softions Consulting Inc has worked with leading manufacturing and distribution organizations including discrete manufacturing such as machinery, automotive; process manufacturing and distribution companies for wholesale and retail. Our senior manufacturing and distribution consultants have valuable experience in deploying, managing and supporting business applications and infrastructure solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industry.

Media & Entertainment


The growing demand for personalized content has compounded to technological and business challenges. Media & Entertainment industry is experiencing a rapid shift into digital content and multi-channel distribution models, as a result of technological advances and convergence of telecom, online, interactive media, & internet. Industry analysts agree that Media and Entertainment players forced to open more distribution channels, challenged to address enterprise-level management of their assets, improve processes and offer services in multiple delivery formats, multi-channel and multi-platform at one time. Media and Entertainment businesses from publishers to information providers, to syndicators and advertisers, want to augment content value and provide superior services at a faster speed and lower cost.

To offer a great experience to customers, companies need to quickly digitize assets, create a workflow where media products can be quickly created and published as well as set in place systems to protect these assets when they are consumed virtually. Internal systems that manage the “production” of content need to be automated and streamlined so that editors, journalists, artists, content creators and even consumers can collaborate effortlessly on the same product.

The Media & Entertainment Industry was one of Softions Consulting earliest callings and our Entertainment practice has a rich history of providing consulting services to major studios and key industry players. We uniquely positioned to enable Media and Entertainment organizations address these changing imperatives, meet business challenges with a range of innovative services and realize an enhanced return-on-content investment also we provide integrated IT, consulting and business process outsourcing, we offer industry-specific services that harness our in-depth knowledge of the entertainment space.